c2c crochet pattern

The graph is 100 squares wide by 130 squares high and has 8 colors.
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c2c crochet pattern

This c2c pattern includes:

The full graph

on a single page

The graph split in smaller sections 

on multiple (4) pages

Color blocked row by row counts 

for corner to corner

Written out row by row counts

for corner to corner

Pattern information

with color counts 

Mini C2C instruction

How to crochet c2c/ corner to corner

C2C/Mini C2C Finished Size and Yarn Calculator

Size Calculator

What is the size of 1 (one) finished C2C block (square), when done with your planned hook/yarn?
Finished width: inches
Finished height: inches

Yarn Calculator

How many inches of yarn in one C2C square?
Color 1 - Grey - 7212 blocks- yards
Color 2 - Gold - 1120 blocks - yards
Color 3 - Yellow   2154 blocks - yards
Color 4 - Red -158 blocks - yards
Color 5 - Braun - 1164 blocks- yards
Color 6 - Green - 269 blocks - yards
Color 7 - Navy blue - 487 blocks - yards
Color 8 - White - 436 blocks- yards

Isabelle animal crossing c2c crochet pattern

This graph  can be also used for various crochet techniques,

 such as Mini C2C, SC, HDC, DC, TSS, Bobble Stitch. Alternatively, you can use this product for cross stitch, knitting, hama beads and other projects.
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